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Can't argue with that Pru.

If it was just her and the latest rentacock acting like a pair of tw*ts, it would just be hilarious. However, there are 3 children involved and the revolving step daddy door HAS to be affecting them.

She's a f*cking selfish cow (sorry if language offends anyone but it fits imo). I would be amazed if even her loyalist fans could find a way to defend this and still say what a great mum she is

I know i shouldn't get emotionally wrapped up in this and as you say if it was just her and the latest prick i probably wouldn't give it a secomd thought.

The predictable writing was on the wall the minute she installed AR in her bed.

I feel very sorry for those children right now and wondered who and when or even if they had been told before hand, or does Junior find out by walking past a copy of the Sun to see his mothers grotesque tit hanging out whilst pulling the V sign with her tongue down the latest random stranger.
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