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Yes, there's a bit of a bump -

Her hair looks desperate, the dress is tacky and cheap looking (much like herself) and she's got no make up on. Talk about a 'make do and mend' wedding.

I don't even give it a year tbh.
I'm not sure about this pregnancy idea. She was seen with him coming out of Mahiki in December. That's a bar isn't it? Although being with child hasn't stopped her in the past has it? She wasn't married when Harvey was born, and also wasn't married when Junior was born, so I don't see why she'd suddenly rush up the aisle now apart from being 'typical Katie'.

She increasingly manages to look filthy and amount of scrubbing can change that self inflicted mank and grimey air she has about her now, just ewwwwwwwwwww.

Frankly I don't think that all the tea in China would be enough reward for having to get intimate with that.
Oh God, she really is kreeshy looking, isn't she. She looks like she has a layer of grease on her With all that money, you'd think she'd be able to style herself so that she looks fresh - not look like she's a teenage lassie that's just finished her shift in a chip shop.

It's got to be for a show. Although there's not many crew in that aerial shot. I'll never forget that cover on OK (was it OK? I think it was...) with Alex and Chantelle saying "we're already married!" when in reality it was a line where one of them said they were married in their hearts God knows what her plan is. Apart from mess it up obviously...
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