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I watched it, and enjoyed it. But then again I like quite all these sort of 'inside prison' shows.

I think TM's quiet, almost a bit 'worried' style worked well. His asking if he could enter a prisoners cell, like it was their home was rather sweet.

The only thing that left me a bit frustrated, was that we knew what the convicts were in for (ie murder) but it was not expanded upon.

The barber guy, for example came across a sweet old man, inside for nearly 40 years and seemed well balanced.

Ditto the guy who had been in for 25 years from age 15, all we knew was two old dears were killed, not the manner. We see his books, and that he has a smattering of philosophy and religion, he is articulate and seeming contrite about his actions, and on the face it seems that 170 years is a bit harsh.

But we didn't get to know the details of their crimes; was it particularly nasty or sexual. Which maybe would have allowed us the viewer to consider their sentence and make our own judgement.

This contrasted with the interview with the guy that killed his family and was a bit OCD, and the younger of the two interviewed in the basketball court.

They were both clearly bat shit mental.

I will watch next week, if only for the clips of the prison cat who is the spit of The Beast (my cat) I have already told him if he doesn't stop killing small creatures, I know where he is headed
I found this site about the Death Row prisoners.
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