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Hey all, i was watching the jersey shore boxset and even though i also love watching geordie shore (not so much of the valleys), i feel that jersey shore is much stronger,

Character wise jersey shore has much better and diverse characters on which each person is unique, interesting and different from the others, catchy nicknames- pauly d, snooki, the situation jwoww (well this one not so much). In terms on entertainment, something new always happens, in terms of fights etc. jwoww, snooki, deana, sammi, pauly d, vinny, the situation, ronnie are also a lot more famous in america compared to the geordie shore characters- vicky, charlotte, sophie, holly, gary, james, ricci, scott, dan are in the uk (zlist).

Even though the last 2 seasons of jersey shore weren't as good as the others, i do feel that cancun was geordies peak too, i didnt find series 4 that interesting, i also think scott and dan are crap additions- to similar in terms of personality to the other boys.

What do u all think? Jersey shore or geordieshore?
Agree with bit in bold - I didnt like the italian jersey shore and it kind of tailed off a bit from then on. Geordie Shore was pants at first, but picked up from the Cancun series.

Jersey Shore seemed to have more of a storyline and wasnt all about the booze, partying and banging. Do like both of them though.
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