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Simon Rodgers
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But they’re not. To all intents and purposes they are entirely different trading companies. Why don’t you get that? HMV online might as well be called something entirely different and I wish it was if only so that people like you wouldn’t keep confusing the two.
What are you talking about? If they are different companies then they should have different names. Simple. I don't confuse the two as such, they must have some sort of connection otherwise the same name use (and logo) would just not be allowed!

But when you have trouble online, the stores just don't want to know. Clever little get out clause but I think that's just downright sneaky. NOT customer friendly in the least. Why don't YOU get that?

As has been pointed out ad infinitum, DVD and CDs for supermarkets are loss leaders.
Could have fooled me. I've seen supermarkets seldom sell stuff cheap to entice me to be honest. And if they want GOOD loss leaders, why not do it on bread and milk? Would work on me.
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