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It has got mostly positive reviews(I am planning on seeing it next week). Mark Kermode gave it a sort of mixed review, he said it was too long and QT's cameo went down like a lead balloon.

Of QT's past output I liked : Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown(okay, but perhaps a change of pace for QT) and Inglorious B@stards(a bit overlong and why do you need Samuel L. Jackson doing a voiceover in a WW2 movie).

I didn't like both Kill Bills. I haven't seen Deathproof.
I loved this film and I would NEVER take a professional reviewers word as gospel regarding films. If a film is brilliant to "you" then its a brilliant film to "you". Who cares what a media guy says.

He is right about one thing though...............QT's cameo is bloody awful and it reeks of deluded self importance which realy disappointed me because I love Tarantino. At least Hitchcock only made cryptic cameo appearences in all his films - Tarantino should watch and take note.
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