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Tarantino has done one excellent film - and you all know what that was. Reservoir Dogs was ok, but it has dated.

He has written a few good scripts - but only True Romance was well directed (by the late Tony scott, I believe?) Natural Born Killers was a mess and Dusk to Dawn is enjoyable (mostly for Salma Hayek's snake dance - I like snakes) but it's hardly a classic. And QT didn't direct it.

Jackie Brown is the most "overrated-underrated" dog-turd of a movie I ever did see. I can't help but think people who say they like it are trying too hard to be cool. Much like the man himself.

The Kill Bill's were colorful, but slow and indulgent. The cartoon sequences added nothing, I felt no empathy with the lead despite heavy-handed attempts at emotional blackmail of the audience and let's admit, it the soundtracks are better than the films.

Haven't seen Deathproof and I read the first thirty pages of the script for Inglorious and decided against seeing the film.

Will go to see Django and will try to keep an open mind. Am expecting it to be along the lines of "The Good, The Bad and the Gratuitously Bloody" though.

BTW QT's cameo's are always terrible - in every film. No-one, Jonathon Ross included, seems to have the balls to tell him to his face that he just cannot act in the same way that no-one tells Cheryl Cole directly that she cannot sing. This was his only passable attempt at acting:

and it's obvious where his motivation came from
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