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You're completely misinterpreting my comments. I said it was unfair to say piracy on it's own is responsible for HMV's demise. I pointed out research carried out for/by Ofcom suggests that pirates will also buy a lot of products and had HMV been any good they would have got some of that custom.
Good points and I didn't mean to cause offense. I just hear (we all do) so many comments from the pirates on here (most of them bragging as though it's a badge of merit) that it's easy to read between the lines. Apologies

Piracy was probably a factor, but extortionate prices and competition from the internet and supermarkets are almost certainly what put the nail in the coffin.
Again. Very valid points. I was looking at the wholesale prices to me (on another thread) and I was alarmed that a company oh HMV's size "couldn't negotiate" a far superior price. I mean, these guys must buy in the tens of thousands of individual units, they must be able to negotiate some serious discounts. Yet they continue to offer prices far in excess of what I could buy them for and far above the traditional RRP.

I know I sell some rare collectables far above the RRP but a company like HMV must be able to make it commercially viable by negotiating better deals and passing them down to consumers.

That said, illegally downloading has become so ingrained in our culture, I think if someone is going to download something they'll do it regardless of price, which really is quite appalling.
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