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And so they should. I don't want anyone who's butchered two innocent old women out on the street. Ever.
What happens to make a 10 year old or a 13 year old kill? Did someone fail them? Children that age don't naturally kill unless something inside them has gone deeply wrong...

I often wonder do the families of the victims ever feeling that executing someone is helpful? Does it bring anyone back?
Does it really bring "closure"? And what if it is someone who is innocent? They haven't got justice in that case and another innocent person is dead and lost to his own family.
In Florida they executed someone who was believed to be a cop-killer in the electric chair, they made as a painful as possible, yet afterwards it was confirmed he was completely innocent, his wife/girlfriend also in jail was freed. Who gained anything out of that but the lawyers and politicians that got richer and more powerful.
That is another reason for being against the death penalty, in the US it is used as a political weapon and the truth doesn't matter, just as long as some governer is Texas (George W Bush) looks good because he has overseen so many executions and that somehow makes him electable.
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