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I'm glad I didn't watch it at all after the above comments
I wouldn't take a couple poster's opinions as my own, how you enjoy or dislike a programme may differ and you could be missing out.
I reckon the difference between the two episodes is that with episode 1 there was this build up to the big event of the store opening, and in episode 2 there was a big event of having the plan in the store but no build up and therefore some people might feel that there wasn't anything in particular the episode focussed on.
I still enjoyed it, things based on true events normally get me anyway, plus I felt this episode was more of an open door to explore the main characters some more.

my mother used to work at Selfridge's in the 1920's and remembered Gordon Selfridge walking through each department first thing every morning & writing notes on his shirt cuffs of things that needed to be done - I noticed that he's always adjusting his shirtcuffs, so maybe it's a reference...

my mum also remembered the lift girls as being really glam, so that rings true
Please free feel to continue to post more tales from your mum, it's interesting to get a viewpoint from someone who was actually there. Has she said anything about the likeness of Jeremy Piven to Gordon Selfridge? I just googled him and he looks very little like the man he is portraying.

I keep hearing that this is filmed in Neasden, does anyone know where in Neasden? The most I've got is 'it's a old carpet factory'; I know Neasden but can't figure out where it is!
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