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BS backatcha. Next you’ll be telling me that house-burglars are also, ironically, John Lewis’ biggest customers.

Why did illegal downloads outstrip legal ones by two to one if what you assert is true?

This current generation thinks they have a birthright to free music, movies and television and it’s this insane mindset that sees the wholesale moral bankruptcy we have online in regards to downloading illegally and in the real world chains like HMV, Zavvi, Virgin, Fopp etc struggling and going under. How can they compete with “free”?
Piracy is not the major issue that the bigwigs in the entertainment industry would like people to believe just as things like tape recorders weren't the concern they made out.

Yes a lot of illegal downloads happen but an illegal download isn't a lost sale. Its only a lost sale if you would have bought it otherwise.

For example would I buy Adobe Creative suite, no I wouldn't as despite liking the software the cost is so high I couldn't justify it for the amount use I would get out of it. Instead I would use free or cheaper alternatives even if they are slightly inferior. So if I go and download it am I depriving then of a sale, no I'm not. Infact I would be increasing the chances of me ever purchasing it as I would get increasingly familiar with it .

Piracy is just an easy excuse for them not evolving as an industry and for them to continue fleecing the customers
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