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I feel a lot better knowing that I didn't get a penny from the hundreds of thousands of illegal downloads of my last book because that money is still going back into the industry. Phew.I feel much better now!

I'm surprised any intelligent person can spew this sort of thing...
Would all those people have purchased your book if they hadn't illegally downloaded it? Highly unlikely so you have now got your work sampled by hundreds of thousands of people who may never have sampled your work otherwise. And if its any good then those people may have then purchased a legit version of that book or previous books (and will purchase future books) or recommend it to others who will buy it.

It really should be seen not as a lost sale but as a marketing cost because if its a good piece of work the direct and secondary income the illegal download will generate a decent amounts for a fairly low cost.

I can obviously only talk for myself but there are a lot of TV shows and movies sitting on my shelves that are only there due to being introduced to them via illegal download. Be it as its something I wouldn't have purchased as it wasn't something I was sure I would like but which I have enjoyed after watching which has seen me purchase what I downloaded and then purchase additional items (be it other movies by a director, other seasons of TV shows etc). Its feeling ripped off by poor quality that annoys people's so as its a good product a lot of pirates will purchase a legit copy anyway
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