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Samantha barks is in the oliver tour at the moment so that is why she wasent at the goldern gloves
Thanks, I knew she was in the Oliver tour but wondered why she hadn't been given a couple of days off to go to the Golden Globes - it was a comment on her twitter that made me think she may have been forgotten about. But then I found that article about the Oscars

I think you are allowing your enthusiasm to run away with you there
I think I'm allowing myself to have my own opinion, actually, is that a problem?

I'm with Mystical123 on this - and although I'm a self confessed 'Les Mis nutter' it's not a case of blind enthusiasm. I love the film and can see it's weaknesses - and strengths. And Anne's performance is outstanding.
Exactly For what it's worth, I saw the film again today and my criticisms and highlights remain much the same, though Sam Barks' performance stood out even more as a highlight second time round and I liked Aaron Tveit's performance more than I did on first viewing. I still think Anne was outstanding.

Carol Reed is the director of Oliver (and uncle to Oliver, so happened to give him the part of Bill Sykes...) Think you may mean Shani Wallis????? Unless Anne directed Les Miz
Sorry, it was a previous poster who used the name, I have no idea who played Nancy in Oliver so just assumed the name was correct without checking. My bad

The comparison between whoever played Nancy in the Oliver movie and Anne Hathaway still stands though, I think Anne is every bit as good.
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