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Jackman, Redmayne, Barks and Hathaway might do a medley live for the Oscars. Please musical gods make this happen.
I posted another article about this on the last page - looks like it's going to be either a medley of the solos or a couple of ensemble numbers like One Day More and Do You Hear the People Sing

i could see the ppl in front of us crying there eyes out lol for whatever reason, there was nothing to cry at.
There may have been nothing to cry at in your opinion, but in plenty of others' opinions there clearly was, doesn't make them wrong.

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it, but you can't just state that it's not a proper film like that's a fact, when there's no such thing as a 'proper film' except that they're all recorded on camera! Musicals are quite often sung-through, I really find it hard to understand why people are so surprised at the amount of singing! It's easy to find out from a quick google search that that what you're going to watch is entirely sung.

I personally wouldn't go to the cinema without finding out a little bit about what I'm seeing, but I guess that's personal preference as well!
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