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Oscar>>>>>Golden Globe. The Oscar holds way more weight than a GG award and is the bigger award, hence why she'll probably go all out with her speech if she wins. She's so desperate to win the Oscar you can practically smell it. I'd p!ss myself if Jacki Weaver won over her but that isn't going to happen.

Other than the Sally Field part, her GG speech came across as incredibly forced, rehearsed and insincere. I just find her off-putting and fake.
I found it completely sincere, shows how easily people's vocal inflections and body language can be interpreted in many different ways! And please point to any evidence whatsoever that she's 'desperate' to win the Oscar, as everything I've read suggests the complete opposite - she's grateful to be nominated and would love to win (like anyone, so what's the problem with that?) but there's no desperation whatsoever.

Of course the Oscar holds more weight, but she's won almost every award going so far this awards season, so it wouldn't be too presumptuous for her to at least think a bit about what she'll say if she wins. She doesn't seem the type to become a Halle Berry-esque emotional wreck - I think she's more likely to give the Helen Mirren/Reese Witherspoon type of fairly calm speech than the Kate Winslet/Penelope Cruz blubbing.

She's far from my favourite actress, in fact Les Mis is only the 2nd thing I've liked her in (the Devil Wears Prada being the other), so I'm not a huge fan jumping to her defence regardless, I just can't see her being accused of desperation and insincerity and not comment, as I've seen nothing to suggest that whatsoever.

What? Best female performance? But shes barely in the film lol
Best Supporting Actress, which has no minimum screentime requirement. There's no such thing as Best female performance at the Oscars.
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