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Ok ive seen this. Before you wonder why i went to see this film, my gf wanted to watch it. I had no idea what it was about but only that it was a musical so basically i expected a movie with a few songs in it. What transpired was me sitting there for 3 hrs wondering when they were going to stop singing and get on with the film. Had no idea they were going to sing every line lol, so i couldnt take the film seriously. I found it boring and because of the constant singing very annoying

Its a shame though cause the first ten seconds i was like woah this is gonna be good, then he started singing and never stopped. My gf was crying, but she wasnt the only one, i could see the ppl in front of us crying there eyes out lol for whatever reason, there was nothing to cry at.

If i hadnt had my gf with me id have left within 20 minutes max.
I think i wouldve enjoyed the film if they had actually spoke though

I shouldve just stuck to my guns and watched django unchained, a proper film
I pity your girlfriend.
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