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So the guy who was supposed to be dead in the mortuary is actually alive..and no-one spotted that...
More loose ends and hot air than a LibDem promise!

I know one has to take SW with a massive pinch of salt and that is part of the fun but there are limits and at another level this series highlights what is wrong with much British drama that foregrounds emotional intensity at the expense of believability! So much in last night's episode was overbaked or implausibly put together that I still have indigestion!
And Nikki's badly bruised face - a quick healer or what. Now you see it, now you don't.
On another point. When the DI & Jack went to Roper's flat, she unlocked the door by swiping her credit card down the door jam. I am pretty sure it was UPVC door that would have had a multi point mortice lock system which she would never open with a credit card. In addition, she swiped the credit card down part of the door where there is no lock. You could see the lock lower down. I doubt it's even possible to do that to a wooden door with a Yale lock it the manner she was supposed to have done it.

After she did it, Jack said "isn't that illegal?" What he should have said is "isn't that impossible?"
& whats more managed to get past all the security measures,and gets out without anyone noticing? and Lady cop gets taken off case, then suddenly re-appears, and makes her boss out to be even dimmer than her.
Oh all these implausibilities and I fully agree, but I still love this show
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