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All I can say is this; That once I knew what was coming, and the differences to expect between the stage production and the film, I now think I love the film every bit as much as the stage show. What they have managed to do is simply incredible, and the more you see it, the more you appreciate each individual performance.
I've seen it twice now and I definitely agree with that. I love the stage show, but the movie does do it justice

For example, Russell Crowe's Stars was not as weak as I previously thought. He's done his own version of it - and I think he does it beautifully. Not as powerful as the stage show - but he isn't singing "to the back row" in this rendition, and it's more of his own personal plea to God, asking for his help to find him.
I'm afraid I can't agree with that. I found Russell to be just as bad 2nd time around, and Stars still out of tune and soulless - there was no acting at all. Part of it was slightly better if I closed my eyes and didn't watch his (lack of) acting while he was singing, but that's not the point. And the Solliloquy still didn't have any impact either. He's the one person who didn't improve on repeat viewing for me sadly.

I still think that Master of the House could have been better, but that's not Cohen at fault here. I thought the delivery of Carter's lines - who had some of the funniest, were not with enough punch, and so that's where it was let down somewhat.
Yes, I agree with you there. Carter can't sing particularly well either so some of the impact was lost there, but she did make some odd choices in how she delivered her lines. Some of them were great though, it was just too much of a mixed bag.

And if I had never seen Colm Wilkinson or Alfie Boe sing "Bring Him Home," I would never had complained about Hugh Jackman's rendition, but when you consider what an amazing feat he achieved throughout the film, I now appreciate his version a lot more than I did first time round
Again, my opinion on Bring Him Home didn't change 2nd time round. No matter how great Hugh Jackman was during the rest of the movie (and he was, for the most part, brilliant), I can't forgive the mess he made of BHH. It was just completely incongruous to the context, he was shouting when he's supposed to be saying a prayer in the eerie calm before the storm. Not good at all, and he didn't even sing it particularly well either. A huge let-down in what otherwise definitely was an Oscar-nomination worthy performance.
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