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I've read the rest of your post but I still think this is utterly incomprehensible to me. It's yet another excuse by thieves to justify their actions.

You know why? Because publishing companies release previews and you can download the first couple of chapters of most novels online - more than enough information to know whether you like a writer or not. So all of this alone utterly destroys your theory.
When publishers make a decision to invest in a writer, do they do it based on a couple of chapters? I imagine they want to read and assess the finished product. Clearly, a couple of chapters isn't enough to determine a writer's skill and potential. Many people could start a story, but it gets far more complicated when it comes to issues such as pacing, consistency & reaching a conclusion.

And to utterly crush it. My sales did improve,but equally, the same people didn't bother to buy any of my books, but the requests for upcoming books increased alarmingly.
I'm not sure what you mean here. If sales improved the people did bother to buy.

Requests for upcoming books is a good thing right? Are you suggesting the increase in demand for future works was a result of the free two chapter samples, as opposed to people illegally downloading the whole product? Do you have back up to confirm this?
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