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Without wishing to be pedantic his victims were old ladies

I really do not understand this mentality when it comes to crime and punishment.

This was a 13 year old child whose mind was still developing.

Clearly he has had to pay for his crimes. No one is denying that. It is the sentence that is harsh.

The attitude of some people, when it comes to law and order, disgusts me.

This is not about excusing criminality it is about making the sentence proportional.
Really ? Your use of a grinning face disgusts me. The next thing you'll be saying is that they were "only old ladies so didn't have long to live anyway ".
The "proportionate" punishment for taking a life is surely the loss of your own life. This young killer has been allowed to live. It may not be much of a life, but it's an existence, and he probably still enjoys a few moments of happiness every now and then. His victims have ceased to exist because of his actions, any sort of life he now enjoys is a privilege he denied those victims.
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