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City on Fire
The Night the Bridge Fell down

Both from the late 70s/very early 80s, and both staring Leslie Neilson! Watched them both as a kid and loved them. It's nigh on impossible to find much about either on the Internet, although there are a couple of clips of City on Fire. If I watched them again now I would probably be majorly disappointed, as I've built them up in my head to be the best things ever! But then again, anything staring Leslie is fine with me.

Also another one - a woman kills her sister and husband by cutting the brake line in the car, so that she can bring up their baby as her own. As the lad grows up she goes mad, starts killing people, and cuts all her hair off. Now, if anyone can tell me the name of that TV movie, I'd be eternally grateful!!!
City on Fire wasn't a TV movie - It's a Canadian theatrical production (one surefire way of telling it's not a TV movie is that Ava Gardner drops an 'F' bomb in it! ). It's the sort of the film though that was 'always on' during the 80s; although I recall ITV showed it last round about the mid-90s, post-10 o clock news and I don't think it's been shown on UK TV since.

Re the mystery film about the mad surrogate mummy, I think you might be referring to the 1982 'video nasty' Nightmare Maker, also known as Night Warning and a couple of other titles. Despite it having fallen foul of the UK censors at one time, people often refer to it as having a TV movie-like quality in reviews. Here's the video cover
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