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The only person in this thread who can't see beyond their own views is you.

Your assessment of the show is challenged and you have gotten all personal.

These forums are for people who do/don't like a show.

For those who don't, very often they once did like it and are voicing disappointment of the decline in standards.
Not at all Tass.
I totally support people on the threads who put up reasonable arguements for liking or disliking a show.

I like the show, some people agree with me and some people do not. That's all fine. I can understand those that don't and the reasons why...
I don't take it personally.

A differing view does NOT wind me up.
What DOES is the automatic "we" (as in everybody but "you") hate it, you must be a friend of the crew (I'm not), and it criticisms like "is sh*t and you're wrong!".

Hardly Oscar Wilde material is it?

Maybe I overreacted, but I'm getting tired of threads where some people just seem to be making random rude comments, like schoolkids spoiling for a fight in a playground.

Personal? No.
Can't see beyond my own views? No.
Overreacted? Probably.
Tired of personal attacks on DS threads? Yes.
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