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They went at 5am because they had been told that the debtor left the house really really early in the morning and they didn't want to miss him.

I think this programme is great. It's nice to see these debtors being made to pay up after ignoring Court Orders. The funniest are when they go garages and start eyeing up the expensive cars.
They took a guys Lamborghini on an episode this week. Forgot who he owed and why but obviously patience had run out and the Sheriff guys knew he had a Lambo, but had missed grabbing it before. They tracked it down to a Garage where it was hidden up a corner and this time were determined not to let go.

The owners face was a picture when he saw his Lambo being carted off on the back of a low loader.

Amazingly he soon 'found the money' and paid off in full.

It's an interesting series though tends to be a bit repetitive. What really pees me off is the debtors who have scammed someone who isn't exactly flush with money.......and they are living the life of Riley in a big house with a drive packed full of expensive cars.
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