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I took her and paid for the film, dont pity her pity me who had to sit through the whole of that movie.

They should use this movie as a way of finding out information from held prisoners, its a form of torture
Strange isn't it? We can suspend disbelief when we watch a film about superheros with superpowers. We can suspend disbelief when we see werewolf and vampires, and yet when we are presented with a fantasy world of people communicating with songs, we find it annoying!

I've just watched Les Mis film adaptation, and I liked it on the whole. I am one of those who was wowed by Anne's performance of I Dreamed a Dream but I fear if I watch it a few more times it might start to grate on me.

Funny how the two real and present broadway actors (Sam Barks and Aaron Tveit) received so little exposure at the premieres and interviews on youtube (Sam more than Aaron to be fair).

Russell is an abomination. Yes, he can hold a tune, but he CANNOT emote with his voice, so if I close my eyes, I wouldn't know if he's angry, sad, exicted or what. He could be pooping or cooking and I will still hear the same humdrum delivery/rendition.

I liked the lyrics addition and change to the original musical. It made the normally wet Cosette (adult version) a little more acceptable. The bit where she sang how her heart was broken when her father Jean left her mysteriously. I thought using the reprise of the melody of Suddenly to sing a duet between Cosette and Marius was a master stroke of genius. It's what, one minute song, and suddenly Cosette doesn't look like a selfish airhead that the musical seemed to portray (unwittingly).

I liked Hugh, but towards the end, his constant vibratto started to grate on me. His duet with Eddie towards the end is a prime example. Eddie gave a understated but beautiful conversation-like singing, while he almost yelp and wail and yelping and wailing is NOT necessary. He should be weary, ashamed and contrite by then, not shouty 'Who am I? Who am I?' It's almost as if he's barking, or maybe he's trying to steal Eddie's thunder???

Otherwise, Hugh did a good enough job.

Anne is sure to win the best supporting actress for Oscars. I suspect Hugh will NOT win the best actor award for the Oscars.

edit: I find Colm's bishop very annoying. He sings like he's an old bishop with those deep vibratto (which is fine), and then when he spoke (as when he did the prayer before meal), he had this nasal 'I don't care' style of speech delivery. And then when he started to sing later again to Jean about becoming an honest man (well, when he tried so hard to layer his voice with what he thought was 'gravitas', he almost made it sound like he's singing 'lawless man' instead!!!) I wanted to slap him. Though I did like the passing on the light as a symbol of the original Valjean to the film version of Valjean. I liked it also that they showed Jean never sold the candle stands, as the pair remained by his bedside, and towards the end when he was dying in the convent church, they were there as well. It's like the symbol of his conversion remained with him till his death. I liked this kind of detail that Hooper added to the film...
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