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They took a guys Lamborghini on an episode this week. Forgot who he owed and why but obviously patience had run out and the Sheriff guys knew he had a Lambo, but had missed grabbing it before. They tracked it down to a Garage where it was hidden up a corner and this time were determined not to let go.

The owners face was a picture when he saw his Lambo being carted off on the back of a low loader.

Amazingly he soon 'found the money' and paid off in full.

It's an interesting series though tends to be a bit repetitive. What really pees me off is the debtors who have scammed someone who isn't exactly flush with money.......and they are living the life of Riley in a big house with a drive packed full of expensive cars.
I saw that one, he didn't pay in full, he paid enough to get his car back but then went AWOL on the payments again.
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