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That's very true. Judging on rooms, facilities, breakfasts etc makes sense, but the programme is really directed more towards value for money.
Somewhere charging 200 a night is going to have to be extraordinary to be better value for money than a 60 a night establishment.
When I watch. I often think that a place may look great, but do I honestly think its worth double or treble the price an inferior place may be charging.

I guess it would all depend on the circumstances of your stay. Away on business, I'm not going to be around the place a lot, clean and comfortable would be enough. Away for the weekend with my wife, I would be prepared to pay more for a few little luxuries.

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Agreed. Last week's Knock Castle wasn't worth anything like 200 per night, whereas Satis House was worth 165.

Both are very expensive (way outside my price range), but I would happily pay 165 to Satis House because I thought the guys who ran it did an excellent job, are clearly customer-focused and the place had the wow factor.

However, generally speaking Ashculme House at 60 per night is more my kind of B&B - and excellent value (despite the lack of tv).
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