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Anyone else think James Harrison looked a bit like Santa Claus? :-/

Some of the longer sentences seem a bit daft, in as much as why can't they have maximum sentences of something such as 90 or 100 years at the most because surely they don't think people especially those who actually live in prison, will live past the age of 90 or so?. Giving someone a sentence such as 150 years seems unnecessarily showy somehow, its symbolic but obviously not realistic.

I saw a similar documentary by Louis Theroux recently where he visited a pre-trial detention centre - I found that quite depressing in a sense, there being people who hadn't been to trial and thus were supposedly innocent as they hadn't been proven guilty by judge and jury yet and even so, they lived basically in a prison, some of them having been there for many years. I can only presume that such people may be able to leave if they can afford bail, so money can get you out of there, at least until trial but if your poor and unable to afford it then your basically confined to a cell most of the day for days, months and possibly years at a time? that seemed very unfair to me. I don't know how it works in the UK legal/justice system but I did feel that seemed a bit wrong perhaps.

Personally im against the death sentence, in terms of the moral side of it, I simply don't agree in the concept of a life for a life. If killing someone is wrong then why is it right for the government to kill someone because they did the same thing? if killing is so wrong (which obviously it is) then that should apply across the board - thats not to mention the whole issue of innocent people potentially being framed and given such sentences. The only good thing about it is that people tend to stay on death row for some time, allowing time for appeals to take place to hopefully check the conviction is solid(?).

Plus if your really after revenge, which would you rather - have the criminal wait a while then get a clinical, relatively quick death or make them live with what they've done for the rest of their lives and suffer not having the ability to be free again? I can understand why some people might be pro-death sentence when you talk about especially violent and emotive crimes such as child murder or rape and I certainly wouldn't like to think people who commit such crimes would be easily allowed back into the public but the idea of killing people off at the end of the day just doesn't sit right with me. There should be more emphasis on finding out why people do what they do and preventing it from happening in the first place but yes, maybe im way too naive, who knows...
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