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Hi all

I thought this week's 4IAB was a bit underwhelming really. The YS is not a B&B it's a self catering let, Satis House is more hotel than B&B (they have staff and a spa area!) so neither should have been included for me. I would never pay 165 for a B&B.
So for me the two real winners were Megan and Dick and Judith and John - try as I might and as much as I love Cornwall; I could not warm to Megan. The outside of the property was pretty ugly too although fairly typical of a lot of Cornish properties. It was VFM though.
My favourite was Judith and Johns' - I don't mind a bit of dust so long as the bed and pillows are spotlessly clean and I love spiders. I also do not mind the lack of a tv in the rooms, I have stayed in many places and the television never goes on.

I do think the Alfie and Phil turned out to be decent chaps and paid fairly, joining in the Phil debate though - I could be classed as cougar age but he did not do anything for me. Boxer's nose and that most off-putting thing for me - a Scouse accent
O Susana what is it about our accent you can't stand.?Philip has at least one in which you could actually distinguish his words
There's Scouse accents and Scouse accents and my Mersey-snobbery comes to the fore when I hear a tirade of catarh and f-words but a nice "clean" Scouse accent ..well whozupwivdat?
Again and again on DS we read how so many of yooze lot hate our dulcet tones..well I for one if I don't hear another Oh won't be too soon.
And as I have said before on this forum (Ripper St if memory serves)..some of us are as honest as the day is long ( well a winter one in Denmark anyway) so why do we keep getting cast as crims...????
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