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She doesnt ALWAYS get 'hated on', since when is she disliked? Some people criticising her doesnt mean she is hated - its just the same as any other celebrity.
Do you think somebody who is aLWAYS hated WINS Strictly Come Dancing? Or is given a job on two of the biggest shows on TV. The only time she got bad press was when she started Strictly, people perceived that the decision to replace Arlene with her was ageist, but that wasnt her fault.
Also Im a big fan of hers, followed her music career, tv work but she wasnt always that great on Strictly, so sometimes the criticism was fair but again she took the job because it was a good offer at the time, they should have probably gone with somebody with more dance background.
Anyway now shes very popular on BGT, so whats the big deal - some people like her, some dont.
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