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O Susana what is it about our accent you can't stand.?Philip has at least one in which you could actually distinguish his words
There's Scouse accents and Scouse accents and my Mersey-snobbery comes to the fore when I hear a tirade of catarh and f-words but a nice "clean" Scouse accent ..well whozupwivdat?
Again and again on DS we read how so many of yooze lot hate our dulcet tones..well I for one if I don't hear another Oh won't be too soon.
And as I have said before on this forum (Ripper St if memory serves)..some of us are as honest as the day is long ( well a winter one in Denmark anyway) so why do we keep getting cast as crims...????
I think he talked dead nice, like, yer know. A mean, its norrasif he needed subtitles like wha other dead scouse scousers do. ...Clears throat and lapses back into received pronunciation. I am honest fact...dead honest La...with love from the 'Pool
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