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I saw this last week and absolutely adored it. I was quite worried before seeing it as there was so much hype about it I was scared it wouldnít live up to expectations, itís my favourite stage musical and so had I hated it I would have been devastated! It definitely didnít disappoint though.

Loved all the cast. Been a fan of Hugh since I saw him in Oklahoma and so it was great to see him in another musical. Like a lot of people have said I didnít love his Bring Him Home as I have been spoilt with so many beautiful versions in the past but his versions of everything else and his acting more than made up for that. You could totally believe his Valjean. I liked Russell Croweís Javert, heís no Philip Quast singing wise but he acted it well and his singing is growing on me! Anne Hathaway Ė amazing. I pretty much cried through every scene she was in. It was great to see some west end theatre peeps in the film too Ė Killian Donnelly, Hadley Fraser et al. Great stuff.

Really want to watch it again as there was so much to take in. There were a few new bits that I liked that arenít in the musical - Javert making Valjean pick the flag up at the beginning as it made the runaway cart bit clearer. I imagine the film is a lot easier to follow than the musical for first timers. Loved the final battle, the barricade boys banging on the doors was heart breaking. Glad they kept the enjolras death position (?!) in although nothing can beat that reveal than the stage version with the music. So moving. The epilogue was beautiful. I sobbed! Lovely touch with the bishop being there.

Itís so good to read the film getting so many positive reviews. I guess it will boost ticket sales for the show and mean that wonít be closing any time soon!

Has anyone read the book? I have had it years but never managed to find the motivation to read it. Think itís about time I gave it a try.
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