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I was 10 and at primary school. This was before thermal clothes, padded coats and warm boots. Tights hadn't even been invented then so your legs got freezing just in kneesocks and your skin resembled marble.

Our school was about a mile away and I can't remember it being closed once. The toilets were perishing cold and all the pipes had newspaper and bits of sacking tied around them to stop them freezing.

The school had no heating other than a stove in each room which had a metal guard round it where the teacher used to stand and warm her backside.

Home wasn't much better, just an open fire which you had to huddle around and ever such cold bedrooms and bathroom.
We used to put our school clothes under the sheets so that they'd be a bit warmer in the morning.

I remember the wind howling for hours along with the heavy snow and it did seem like it would never end.
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