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Somewhat in contrast to his suave, debonair image, Niven was a legendary swordsman. Him and Errol Flynn must’ve been responsible for scores of illegitimate children in the 30s and 40s.

Was odd watching the John Mills one last week with Sylvia Sims narrating. She was easily one of the most stunning women to ever live. I always thought if I met her I’d want to tell her that but how to do it without it coming across as slightly insulting for how time has ravaged her since then?

Who’s on next week?
How is being suave in contrast to sleeping with lots of women, I don't get it.
Hey ho always liked Niven since I read his books as a teenager, so I enjoyed this, don't know why they're not on Iplayer, as I missed John Mills.

Maybe she'd like to hear something about her acting or her personality instead of just her looks.
Link a the top of the thread to the program.
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