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Thanks for that.

I disagree with his dismissive stance of BBC2 as well. There's nothing wrong with the schedule they are putting out tonight at all. A much loved classic comedy that still rates superbly well. Live sport to anchor the evening. And a very highly rated film in Doubt. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But it didn't fit with the theme of his column to acknowledge this.
Not exactly exciting Saturday night television though.

Undoubtedly there's an audience for the BBC2 schedule and I don't think there's anything wrong with it beyond the fact that its a very particular audience. Floating viewers looking for a fun distraction on Saturday night aren't likely to see much appeal in Dad's Army repeats or snooker. But by the same token they aren't really supposed to because that's not who the BBC2 schedule is aimed at.

All this business about shows 'celebifying themselves' and killing it, there are some shows which it would work for. Aside from Family Fortunes and Splash, The Chase wouldn't have any of the humour and positive atmosphere it has for the primetime specials if there were regular people playing. I do hope they show regular episodes of The Cube soon.
Occasional celebrity specials are fine if however The Chase just because The Celebrity Chase every weekday it would be another matter. All things in moderation and all that. I think the same is true for Family Fortunes. A handful of celebrity specials throughout the year is really enough and would probably allow them to book better guests as well. They can supplement that with just regular Family Fortunes. If nothing else I would like to see them try just a normal series of Family Fortunes again to see how it goes.

Why would the BBC slash the episode runs of these shows so dramatically when they would struggle to find enough new stuff to replace it that would do as well in the ratings?
Because the beauty of the BBC is that they don't have to be so obsessed with ratings. In theory that should allow them the option to be more adventurous and creative than a commercial broadcaster who would understandably keep churning out episodes of Holby City and Casualty as nice little profit centres.

They'd either have to inject an unreasonably high amount of money into it, or produce cheap shows that don't perform as well.
This is a much more reasonable objection at least in regards to Holby City (and Waterloo Road). The money saved from reducing the episode order of those shows isn't going to be enough to invest in new pre-watershed drama although maybe with a little extra investment they might get some pre-watershed comedy. And certainly they'd be able to try some entertainment formats during the week as well.

Casualty on the other hand desperately needs an episode reduction. It airs far too many episodes over the course of the year and can make scheduling Saturday nights difficult. Equally there's quite a bit that the BBC could do with that later Saturday night slot that wouldn't cost a huge amount of money if they didn't have to work around Casualty too many weeks of the year.

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