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Yes I agree,the 1947 sticks in my memory far worse than 1963.
I was 7 in 1963 and remember it well and, as bad as it was, I've always been told 1947 was worse but this programme didn't reflect that at all.

In S London/Kent it was bad enough, although rural areas obviously had it much worse, but my school never closed and the only concession made was the boys could wear long instead of short trousers. I can't remember how us girls got by in our skirts but I guess we wore woollen tights or very long socks. I remember crates of frozen milk being brought in each morning and left by the radiators to defrost and teachers surprised that so many kids threw up!

As already mentioned, we didn't have all the lightweight, thermal fabrics that we have today. And most homes didn't have central heating or freezers so food had to be bought every 2 or 3 days.

Ice on the inside of the windows, wrapped in a blanket like a mummy before being put to bed, coats on top of the bed, home knitted balaclavas, even a muff! As kids we loved it!
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