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not dissing Potter, but struggling to think of anything on a Potter soundtrack likely to be as enduring as something like "May It Be" for example.

I also have to say that while the Potter films were well received by critics on the whole, I don't think it ever really achieved quite the level of critical acclaim The Lord of the Rings trilogy ever did.

I really don't consider Brokeback Mountain and The Color Purple not winning as shocks. They may have deserved to win, that's a different matter entirely, but they're not the type of films that the Academy was ever going to vote for really, so their lack of success was not a shock, but merely a shame.

Brokeback Mountain not winning is absolutely a shock, one of the biggest shocks, if not the single biggest shock. It won every best picture award that awards season just about, and was expected to win by everyone. No one was calling it for Crash. As I said up thread, there was absolute outrage it didn't win, the kind that of anger that had never been seen before or since in relation to the oscars.

eta: theres a lengthy section on Brokebacks wiki page that deals with the fall out, the very existance of which rather proves that it was a shock result else said section would not exist in the first place....
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