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All this business about shows 'celebifying themselves' and killing it, there are some shows which it would work for. Aside from Family Fortunes and Splash, The Chase wouldn't have any of the humour and positive atmosphere it has for the primetime specials if there were regular people playing. I do hope they show regular episodes of The Cube soon.
IMO most shows work better without celebrities, especially when life changing money is up for grabs.

Obviously Splash isn't one of those shows but I do wish they'd show some respect for diving by actually booking people who might be able to take to it and having some kind of quality threshold rather than just taking anyone they can get and believing people leaning forward and falling into the water is good enough for Saturday night entertainment. If you look at the US version of the rival show that aired a couple of weeks ago their celebs ended up being pretty decent amatuers while only a couple of hours have gone that little bit beyond beginner status.
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