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I've read the book a few times and love it. But it can sometimes be a frustrating read - particularly the first time. Hugo can go off on descriptions for pages and you are left waiting for him to get back to the story. There are a lot of characters aganything disappear never to be heard of again - when you want to know what happened to them.

But it is worth the frustrations - the story is even more involving than the film or stage play. Hope you enjoy it!!
I have heard people say that before about him going off on one about sewers or something for a chapter!

Thank you The film has made me even more determined to attempt the book.

I was privileged enough to see Alfie Boe perform the JVJ role twice last year (including his final performance ) and he was simply stunning! I cried and felt every emotion .
Alfie Boe's singing was flawless but that was about it. For me his acting wasn't very good. I went in with such high expectations and left feeling a bit disappointed. Then with his replacement it was a different story. Went in convinced Ramin Karimloo was miscast and came out thinking I had just seen the ultimate Jean Valjean! Beautiful vocals and amazing actor. Stunning.
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