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I think the reason I never watched either of the Kill Bills is basically down to the titles. The gratuitous violence in Tarantino movies is actually the thing that puts me off his films, so when it's all like right there in the title, it makes me want to steer clear.

I've never heard anything about either film to tell me that they are not just complete gore-fests, but I might give them a go one day.
Thank god Im not alone!

I HAVE seen both Kill Bill films & I dont like them. They are the most bloody Tarantino films, the blood & gore is so ridiculous and over the top it becomes cartoonish & even funny. I dont like the idea that Im supposed to find people being ripped apart amusing...

Also the story lacks much oomph. Its pretty obvious that shes going to kill a lot of people, and finally Kill Bill. THis removes dramatic tension.

Its actually quite a silly film, I dont recommend it.
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