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To be fair, the Potter films didn't require nearly as many special effects, epic shots etc as Lord of the Rings was always going to, so a comparison of critical acclaim doesn't really work in my mind - they're two very different types of fantasy film.
The reason I make the comparison is purely because Potter fans themselves were so keen to make the comparison when Deathly Hallows failed to get nominated, their argument effectively being that because the trilogy as a whole was recognised through Return of the King, thus Potter should be recognised through Deathly Hallows.

Of course, the reasoning there was flawed, given the first two Lord of the Rings film were nominated for 19 oscars between them, including two for best picture, one for best director and one for best screenplay, wining in six minor categories. As such it already had an oscar pedigree prior to Return of the King.

The Potter score doesn't have a May It Be type of enduring song, that's true, but Hedwig's Theme is classic Williams and a very enjoyable piece of music even in isolation from the film
Like I said I've nothing against it, just don't feel it's going to leave an enduring legacy in terms of music.

It was a shock result in terms of it winning everything else and most people thinking it deserved the Oscar, yes, but that's without taking into account the historical preferences and the make-up of Academy voters. Take that into account, and in my mind there's no surprise at all that Crash won over Brokeback.
I think there is retrospective reasoning being applied here, with respect, these are the arguments that were made after the event. I don't see how it's possible to argued it wasn't a shock when it so blatantly was. It was expected to win, it didn't - ergo it was a shock result.

I don't understand how you can argue it wasn't a shock when numerous sources at the time evidence that it was one!

I actually feel a bit sorry for Crash, tbh, winning did the film a lot of harm because the win was seen as tainted and it turned a lot of people off what was a pretty good film in it's own right.
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