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Did i remember correctly that a forum member said they were going to be on last nights episode?

Im am i confusing someone who said they were appearing on a quiz show with someone whp said they were in the audience of this show?

Edit it appears david was the forum member, but being the brave person i am i am going to post my comment anyway and hope it doesnt come across as offensive if david is the person im talking about! Apologies if it is!

The highlight for me personally was the spelling round. As soon as that man told the story about correcting the spelling of a word in a shop i was willing him to lose that round. Not anything personal but when you go on tv and point out how good at spelling you are and how bad other people are, it is a little bit funny when you do get it wrong.

I was the same with lynne, as soon as she compared herself to einstein but smarter and kept going on about how clever she was, a part of me was hoping for her to slip up.

I have no problem with clever people, its just when you announce to everyone how good you are it is a teeny bit amusing when it all goes pear shaped!
At least one other forum member called David was on tonight

Hope you enjoyed the show, I spent 15hrs in a waiting room to do my bit, wasn't the most fun I've ever had but it turned out well on TV I think.

David Straitjacket
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