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I've just seen the film and thought it was excellent! I've seen it on stage about 4 times and to be honest it bored me. But with people raving and 'making' me go I was worried about a film adaptation.

For me on stage there is so much plot and not enough character development but I never found that in the film! I thought the close ups of the film were excellent And really drew me in. I know it's a musical but the rawness of the characters had me so engaged. Hugh jackman was excellent, Anne Hathaway was devastatingly awesome and I love that colm wilkinson was in the film!

The singing was very musical at times and it flagged once it was at the second half but it did make me appreciate the songs/characters/plot even more than normal! I do find the musical very fast paced and boring, but in film it was interesting to finally see the emotion of the piece. It is all very emotive but i never got it before (and I'm not a cheap b@stard, I've been in the stalls, front row, further back, circle etc). NOW I GET IT!

This was a great film and beautifully shot and Anne Hathaway was absolutely soul destroying during that one take (I am sure it is) I Dreamed a Dream. She made the film for me. Even being in it for short a time made me think how poignant and gracious her role was! As Fantine she was amazingly miscast from all the fantines I've ever seen (with a stupid blonde wig) but was absolutely the most believable member of the entire cast! A beautiful performance that will go down in history I'm sure

I know it's all been said. It's just my t'pence thrown in )
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