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quite interesting.seems as if theres a bit of an argument as to wether 47 or 63 was worse.
From memory (I was in my teens in '63 but my mum told me about '47) 1947 was snowier over the Country as a whole but 1963 was colder (and longer).

I'm surprised they didn't mention the three day freezing fog of January 1963, visibility was often no more than across the street, the maximum temperature (up in Manchester anyway) never exceeded minus 6 degrees C for 2 days and 3 nights, and trees/bushes were covered in rime (thick ice deposits) throughout - in fact that's my most spectacular memory of the Winter!

Kenneth Allsop's explanation of how and why it happened was a bit amateurish I have to say, he didn't seem to understand what he'd been told to explain! I enjoyed watching the archive programme though, memories, oh the memories!
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