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For stop the clock I'd put 100% focus into counting seconds, and only enter a word if it happened to jump out at me! It's fascinating though to see how badly some of them judge the time!

That switching experiment, could it not just be a sign of the times that many don't give a damn what the person serving us looks like? I bet if the customers had been men and it was attractive females doing the switching it would have been noticed more often!

Overall I really like this show although there's the odd bit here and there that doesn't work for me. I particularly didn't see the point of the volcano's last week!

At least one other forum member called David was on tonight

Hope you enjoyed the show, I spent 15hrs in a waiting room to do my bit, wasn't the most fun I've ever had but it turned out well on TV I think.

David Straitjacket
Hi, were they the same quick changers that went on "Penn & Teller - Fool Us", do you know?
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