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I only put this thread up because there was already one about it, but it just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth.
Most people don't seem to realise that it is based on a book that came out several tears ago, entitled My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary. It isn't fiction, but a true account of a teenager growing up in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The book had added interest for me, because living locally, although I am quite a bit older than Rae, I realised that I might easily have been going into some of the pubs that are mentioned when she and her friends were actually in there.
I was personally disappointed that the TV series has moved the story more than five years ahead of its original setting, so that that you get Stone Roses instead of Echo and The Bunnymen, for instance. In fact, it doesn't really seem to matter that much, although the researchers seem to have a very strange idea about what a South Lincolnshire accent sounds like.
In view of the changes I was prepared to dislike it, but actually found it incredibly well acted and ultimately quite moving. Having known people who have been in similar situations I wasn't sure if I wanted to recommend it to them, as some of the observations hit very close to the mark and could be quite uncomfortable. In the end I felt it was truly exceptional and a remarkable achievement. It surely has to be in line for a few awards.
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