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Semi Final One Review

Denmark: This is a nice start but I fear it could be forgettable come later numbers.

San Marino: Has promise but doesn't really go anywhere. A bit drab.

Romania: An uptempo number, hooray! The chorus is slightly repetitive but it's quite catchy.

Ireland: The video is powerful and makes the song for me.

Spain: It's a standard pop/rock hybrid; good but not great.

Morocco: Unfortunately it doesn't have a hook; it's a song which passed me by.

Greece: Something's missing from this - it becomes repetitive after a short while.

Moldova: The chorus is ok but the rapping is suspect to say the least.

United Kingdom: A plodding number though she has a powerful voice and the chorus is pretty memorable.

Cyprus: It immediately becomes a foot tapper with a great tune and strong vocals. I love it.

Armenia: From the introduction I didn't expect this; another song with an excellent tune and the beat is very strong.

Poland: I love this one; their voices compliment each other and the choir adds a much needed extra dynamic.

Serbia: This semi is starting to find it's feet; another strong number - I love the beat, tune and her vocals.

France: She has a good voice and I like the string accompaniment but the chorus lacks bite.

Belgium: Another repetitive number; her voice stands out.

Macedonia: Instantly memorable thanks to the catchy instrumental moments; the beat is superb and the vocals and tune are excellent.

Slovenia: The singer has a nice voice and the beat is catchy. Another one which becomes repetitive after a while.

Austria: I can see this being a big dance number in Vienna. It hardly matches the Waltz.

Bulgaria: OK verses but it loses it during the chorus.

Azerbaijan: Brilliant find! It's a fantastic song without looking at the country of origin.

Albania: This is quite nice; for me it just needs more of an edge but it's a good tune.

Turkey: I expected this to take off but it didn't really, though it's easy to listen to.

The Netherlands: Such a promising start but it's a shame that the chorus lacks much of a tune.

My top 12 (in alphabetical order): Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Ireland, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

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