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Fantastic couple of episodes.

Best line for me was ''Mad Bitch!'' when the irate dog walker bade farewell to Hanne. He must know her well.

Sanne is back in all her six foot flame haired loveliness. With curtsey.

Amir is a cactus lover as well. But he has only got a little one. Or three.

Don't know if it was the light in Amir's office, or my TV is on the blink again. But Birgitte's eyes looked really blue.

Kasper!!! We knew he was abused by his dad. But raped by all his pals as well. Shocking. Kenneth wasn't charged because of his age when he stabbed the creep. But he was put in an institution for a time. I think the Yanks would call that an Emmy ep. Johan Philip Asbæk deserves one for his performance. Birgitte Sørensen wasn't too shabby either. Maybe they can start living happily together know. Til the next blazing row.

Svend Age is a star. The most odious politician since *******(fill in your own particular preference). But I love how he winds up the liberals. Birgitte, Katrine and Kasper had to apologise to him. Even though they detest the guy. Birgitte being shut in the office with him reminded me of an episode of the West Wing. Because a Chem Weapon detector went off(?) various people who didn't like each other were locked down together for hours.
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