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I know, right? I think my new favorite picture of him. And I love the names Ronnie & Bruce. They seem like the last names you would think of for a pair of Clydesdales but they also seem perfect for his teenage bad boys

Oh, and I think I know exactly where this picture was taken. Love that Google street view!
I do, too, so love that picture. Woke up this morning with that image in my mind. I might have to hang it in my closet.

Know the Gstreet view??? Wow! Love to see that.
When we were in Beaminster last spring, we stopped at the local pub and got some directions that led us up to Buckham fields, but didn't actually get any closer. I am not quite in the total stalker category! Anyhow I am just happy to know I probably traveled the same road to town.

And I found out later that the time I was in Beaminster, he and Philippa were at a heavy horse riding place in the north. Which made it understandable when a lady in the pub who rides up that way, said she hadn't seen him around for a few days. Their trip was a birthday gift for him from Philippa.

See one of the articles here:
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