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I can't agree. Britain's Brightest is just dull. I don't get the appeal of Claire Balding as a presenter at all either (I must be in the minority of those who thought she was poor in the Olympics, though not the worst by a mile). Guessing people's ages is hardly a sign of brightness, so how does that get in the format? And spelling tests. Yet it's all done with a terrible clunky seriousness as if it's Mastermind. Maybe more exciting things happen later on in the show, I didn't bother to hang around and find out. Splash on the other hand is so awful that it's mesmerising to watch to see if it can get any worse. It is the ultimate in car crash TV, you can't take your eyes off it. And of course the prospect of z listers in speedos hitting the water at painful angles makes it almost worthwhile sitting through.
I agree. This programme doesn't suit Claire Balding as a presenter. Also I was annoyed at that Countdown woman telling us how "easy" those maths questions were. There were sections I enjoyed though.
I watched Splash and it was 25 minutes before we actually saw the first contestant's dive.
Several minutes of VT and hype, a one second dive then several more minutes of anaysis from other people discussing it, boring. I switched over.
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