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When I looked up about driving bans under totting up rules, I found this:

"How does the totting up procedure work?

I believe I remember reading that he got nicked for 3 points on 4 different times (over 3 years), hence 12 points. And 6 month ban. Since he only got the minimum 3 points each time, it doesn't sound as though it was anything particularly more serious.
The 3 points penalty ( plus 60 fine ) is usually for exceeding the speed limit by a small amount eg doing 37 in a 30mph zone.

This offence is very common ( especially when speed limits change in an area you are familiar with ). An initial 3 points does not alter your car insurance charges.

MC has obvously incurred this penalty 4 times in 3 years so has had a 6 months ban imposed to remind him...
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